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Native Verge Makeover

I’m so excited that native verges are gaining popularity in Perth. It’s such a perfect example of how unused spaces within urban areas can be used to increase biodiversity of the local area, and they look fantastic!

My local council (the City of Stirling) recently had a plant giveaway for any residents wanting to convert their grass verges into native waterwise gardens. We signed up right away! I was so impressed by the whole initiative, it was very well organised and had huge interest. This is exactly what we need to get people involved in creating sustainable urban ecosystems!IMG_20170517_084505651

As you can see there was nothing wrong with our grass verge, to be honest we never paid much attention to it. But it had the potential to be so much more than a parking spot for our neighbours (who seem to have 6 cars?!).

So the first step of our verge make over was to remove the grass. Sure we could have hired in a bob cat to dig it all up, but where’s the fun in that? It was really tough work but we all chipped in and dug out the grass by hand.










The next step was to add mulch. We got a nice mix free from a friend. But it’s possible to find lots of different types (many for free) online. We’re a little worried that ours isn’t deep enough and that the old grass will start growing through, but we’ll deal with that problem when we come to it.


And finally, the plants! The city of Stirling had a really great selection of natives to choose from, and we were allocated 20 plants for our area. At first we thought this wouldn’t be enough but I think it will be good to leave some room for them to grow.


We had such a fun time planting our native garden, and we’re really impressed with the results! We’re very proud to be the first native verge in our street and we hope that it will inspire others to do the same.






  1. Barbara Baxendale's Gravatar Barbara Baxendale
    July 6, 2017    

    1997″ I converted my couch lawn shire strip to a native garden supplied with plants from Kings park, where I volunteer as a guide and member of the Friends. Unfortunately due to the installation of the new water pipes half of my shire stri,p which was well established has gone. At the last plant sale I bought another $70 of plants but as the work is not yet finished I am unable to plant them.

  2. Liz's Gravatar Liz
    July 6, 2017    

    Fantastic! I’d love to see more photos in a YEAR or two – it will look even better, and hopefully inspire your neighbours.
    Birds and greenery are so much livelier than lawn in sandy soil, that never looks really good unless you use a lot of water and fertiliser – and needs mowing and all

  3. Melodie's Gravatar Melodie
    July 6, 2017    

    Great work! Lets call them the Nature Strip from now on. It’d be great to see an update in a few months too.

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