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About Me

Lizzy_avatarI’m an Urban Ecologist interested in the environmental factors driving biodiversity in cities.  I am fascinated by the ability of some species to thrive in highly modified environments and I’m interested in investigating the traits that allow them to do this.

I am also passionate about working with local communities to create functional green spaces in cities. I am based in Perth but currently living in Auckland

Current Research

At the moment I am undertaking a 6 month Endeavour post-doc fellowship at the University of Auckland. Here I will be studying the interaction between mammalian predator control and urbanisation and the effects on invertibrate communities.

PhD Research

I completed my PhD  in The Integrative Ecology Lab at the University of Sydney. My thesis was on the effect of urbanisation on the diversity, morphology and behaviour of spiders.

I surveyed spider biodiversity in both urban Sydney and surrounding bushland to determine the landscape characteristics associated with spider biodiversity. I also looked at the responses of Golden orb weavers (Nephila plumipes) to urbanisation.

Past Research

I completed my honours research in 2009 with the CIBER research group at the University of Western Australia. My honours thesis was titled: Worker heterozygosity and immune response in feral and managed honeybees. My research quantified levels of inbreeding in feral and managed honey bees from South Western Australia and looked at the interactions between heterozygosity and immune function.

Other interestsLizzy_OK

My partner and I have a baby boy and two mischievous ferrets, and we all love spending time outdoors. Our weekends are often spent hiking and exploring our current city of residence, and we like to travel overseas as often as we can.

Contact Details

Email: lowe.lizzy at gmail.com
Twitter: @LizyLowe

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  1. Mousa's Gravatar Mousa
    September 7, 2016    

    Hi Lizzy,

    I recently attended your DAAD presentation at RMIT. I received your slides yesterday and want to get your permission to share your useful slides with the postgraduate students of my school, School of Engineering and IT at UNSW Canberra. Are you happy I do it?


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