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Thank you!

Thank you!

I’ve finally handed in my PhD (just in time before bub arrives!) and what a wonderful 4 years it’s been. There are so many people I would like to thank, but I’ve posted the acknowledgements from my thesis here in order to give special mention to those who helped me along the way. Thesis Acknowledgements […]

Mapping out RezBaz

RezBaz or Research Bazar was a 3 day workshop organised by some really wonderful people and held at the University of Melbourne. The aim was to teach ECR’s new technology skills for their research. I love this idea because as a PhD student I’m often overwhelmed by the huge range of software and technology available […]

Why all PhD’s should do a 3 min...

I recently competed in the 3 minute thesis (3MT) competition. Sitting down and trying to summarise 3 years of work into 3 mins is a very hard task, especially when trying to make it accessible to a general audience. It really makes you take a step back and remember what’s important about your work. Why […]

Making (slow) progress

Making (slow) progress

I’m one week in now. I’ve finished classifying samples from 12 plots (1 plot=30min of searching for spiders) and I have 346 spiders sorted into 54 different morphospecies. There are only 28 spiders in my “unknown” pile, so I’m not doing too badly! I’m trying very hard not to calculate the number of samples I […]

More than Redbacks and Huntsmen

I’m a PhD student at the University of Sydney (about half way through now, still loving it!) and my research looks at how spiders are affected by urbanisation. Normally I focus on Golden orb weavers (Nephila plumipes) like the one in the photo above, but an offshoot of my research is to survey the biodiversity […]

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