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Net casting spider

Here is another of my favorites, Family Deinopidae, Genus: Deinopsis

They are called Net Casting spiders or Ogre spiders. As the first name suggests, they hold a stretch of web between their front legs and throw it at their prey. I’ve spent ages sitting watching them, waiting to see the action, but no luck yet. The name Ogre spider comes from their very large front eyes. I guess you have to have good vision and depth perception if your going to catch your food using a net!

Getting ready for lunch


I was surprised to find many of these spiders in back gardens around Sydney. I most often find them close to the ground in plants with long leaves like Agapanthus. They can get quite large, about the length of an index finger, so they are also nice and easy to spot!

Another, as yet unidentified Net caster


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