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Breaking down the wall of: Biodiversity loss in cities

I few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to present at the Australian Falling Walls Lab at the Shine Dome in Canberra. The Falling Walls Labs began in Germany, with the idea that, like the Berlin Wall, there are challenges in our societies that we need to break down. It is basically an opportunity for young researchers and entrepreneurs to pitch their world changing ideas to a broad audience.

Falling walls

It was fantastic to meet all of the other presenters and to hear about the ways that they are planning to make the world a better place. It definitely gives me a lot of hope for the future!

My pitch was based around the idea that we need to bring insects and spiders back into the city in order to create functional green space in cities. My three stage approach includes researching how insects respond to urbanisation, educating the public about the importance of invertebrates in our ecosystems, and designing cities that are able to support healthy invertebrate communities.

You can see my 3min presentation and all of the other great talks at the link below

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